Keisha-Gaye Anderson

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Every Year is a Good Year

January 3, 2015

Sharing poetry at Bar Tabac in Brooklyn while roots reggae band Jahwid plays (Wednesdays)

Happy new year! What a year this has been--a journey filled with challenges, adjustments, and unexpected good news.

I completed my M.F.A. in fiction after what seemed like forever. Then shortly after that, I learned my poetry manuscript was chosen by Jamii Publishing from over 100 submissions.

The publication of my new book "Gathering the Waters" has given me a super dose of energy to reach even higher in every area of my life.

And that's also my wish for all of you--that you strive to be your best self this year and bring forth your unique gifts into the word. I think we can all agree...the world needs it!

I'll be sending out newsletters a bit more frequently this year, with updates on my public readings, publications, and other literary activities, including reviews of the works of other writers.

Thank you for supporting me all these years. Remember: Stay in the moment, enjoy the journey, and be fearless!

Love and prosperity to all of you!